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This site is a conservative meeting ground. It exists to promote the creation of a true conservative political party in Canada. The True Conservative Party is an association of Christian and non-Christian true conservatives dedicated to Creating a true conservative political party.
​Members ​are encouraged to submit comments and policy suggestions. Suggestions approved by clearing committee will be issued to members for observation and discussion. A timely preliminary member survey shall determine whether it will proceed to a policy vote.
What is a true conservative?  A true conservative is anyone who believes sex related crimes, or the promotion of sex related crimes, like rape, incest, sodomy, bestiality, necrophilia, etcetera, should be prohibited by law that is strictly enforced.​​​
What is a true conservative political party?  A true conservative political party is any party that has an immutable policy to outlaw sodomy and the promotion of sodomite sexual perversions in the schools.​

​Generally speaking, a person is either liberal or conservative.  Liberals and conservatives are identified by their values, their opinions about what is or is not acceptable, and the appropriate legal penalties for that which they consider unacceptable.
Liberals do not support laws against crimes like sodomy or the convenience killing of children by abortion.  True conservatives do.  Until the Liberal Party legalized sodomy in Canada, the maximum penalty for this crime was life in prison.  In some countries, convicted sodomites are executed.  Until the Liberal Party changed the law on abortion, the penalty for that crime was life in prison.  Today, not only is it legal on demand, but you and I pay for it through public funding. These are very serious crimes that trivialize and nurture sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children.  If sodomy, why not rape, incest, or any other crime?

Liberals like to brand conservatives religious zealots to more easily discredit them. Conservatives, like liberals, however, have wide ranging religious beliefs.  Someone who worships mud turtles might just as easily be liberal or conservative.

A political party is identified as either liberal or conservative based on party policy.
In Canada, party policy closely reflects the values of the party leader since he can, and often does, block the nomination of any dissident member.
If the so-called Conservative Party is led by a liberal extremist, it will be a liberal party.
If the so-called Liberal Party is led by a true conservative, it will be a conservative party.
A rose by any other name...

In Canada, there is no true conservative party.  Check out the policies.  All parties pretty much follow the same liberal agenda and continue to fund the same special interest groups.

True conservatives made a valiant attempt in May of 2017 to elect a true conservative leader for the so-called Conservative Party of Canada, to restore democracy and give voters a clear choice, but liberals within the party scuttled that idea. They did it again on August 23, 2020, with the election of a liberal Conservative Party leader. Always have, always will. So, the only way to quickly have a true conservative option is to create a new party that is easily identified by it's policies.

Join us to make it happen.  Be part of building a political party conservatives are comfortable with, and a country where pedophiles, vandals and thieves are not so comfortable.

​Why is sodomy such an important social and political issue?

​Sodomy is like rape, incest, stealing, vandalism, slavery.  It is conduct, behavior.
It is not like race, color, gender, intelligence or any other inherent characteristic.

Sodomites claim that discriminating against them is the same as discriminating against someone because of his race, color, gender, or other inherent characteristic.  Sodomy, however, is not like color.  It is a behavior, like rape, incest, stealing or any other crime.  Discriminating against a sodomite is like discriminating against a rapist, a thief, a man guilty of incest, or any other criminal.  Sodomites are not, as they claim, like the victims of slavery, but rather, like the slave owners, who are the ones guilty of the offensive behavior.
We condemn sodomy like we condemn slavery.

Consenting adults does not justify criminal behavior.  Two consenting adults robbing a bank, making counterfeit money, or assaulting someone does not make it any more acceptable. Can a guy have sex with his mother so long as they both consent? With his sister? With his neighbor's wife? If sodomy,
​why not.  Police officers molesting women and children?  Very disturbing but not surprising.  Sex crimes and violence against women cannot be stopped when sodomy is legal.  Sex crimes and violence against women cannot be stopped when sodomy is legal.

Homosexual sodomites call themselves gay.  This paints a much nicer image than sexual degenerate, but it is like calling a rapist a romantic.  If you express your aversion to their perversion, they call you homophobic, which is supposed to suggest maybe there is something wrong with you, like being heterophobic if you are opposed to rape.  A phobia, however, is an unjustified fear, which certainly doesn't apply when referring to sexual predators. 

Yes, We said sexual predators.  When sodomy is legal, sodomites are free to lure and ensnare our children.  Sodomites do not reproduce, they recruit.  They recruit primarily in the schools, destroying natural modesty with explicit, graphic descriptions of sex, and luring children into special clubs where they are conditioned and groomed for sexual exploitation.  Some of these traps are known as gay/straight alliance clubs.   Many schools now have these recruiting stations in operation.  These are sexual predators.  This sexual exploitation and abuse of children is the worst of all but the most violent of crimes.  Until the Liberal Party legalized sodomy, the maximum penalty for this crime was life in prison.

Since sodomy was decriminalized, rape, child sexual abuse, vulgar profanity, and all manner of intolerable behavior has become  commonplace.  This will continue to be the case until sodomy is once again prohibited by law.  Are we so determined to defend and promote sodomy that we are willing to continue to suffer any price or pain to accommodate this evil?
Is Coronavirus just one of many other sodomy related diseases?

Only by reinstating laws against sodomy can sexual predators be restrained.  AIDS and other sodomy related diseases would also be dramatically reduced, relieving the strain on our health care system.  Half the tax money the government collects from us pays for health care services.  Treatment for people with AIDs takes a huge chunk of this.  AIDs is 100% preventable.  No sodomy, no AIDS.  This disease has killed millions of innocent people.  Those guilty of this crime are dangerous offenders.

Does reinstating laws against sodomy mean sexual deviants could no longer sodomize each other?  Of course not.  Who would know?  But they would no longer be free to openly poison the minds of our children in the schools, which they have been doing for decades.  Liberals legalized sodomy, but now the sodomites have gone too far.

They mostly target people of faith.  The Bible says "A man who lies with another man is an abomination.  Both shall be put to death, and their blood is on themselves" (Leviticus 20:13).  Other history books express the same condemnation of this evil.
Many of us who condemn sodomy, however, are not necessarily aligned with any particular faith .  This general condemnation of criminal behavior is just common ground shared by all decent, responsible, civilized people.  It's time we came together to end this plague of corruption sweeping our nation.

Pedophiles now control what is taught in the public schools and private schools.​
We are fast becoming a very barbaric society where a man, if he wants a woman,
​will just take one. Who will stop him?

​​At election time, find out if your candidate would vote to reinstate laws against sodomy.
This is really all you need to know about him.
This is the litmus test that quickly distinguishes a true conservative from a liberal extremist. ​
Once you know this, you know where he will stand on practically every other important issue.

                                    Evil men will force good people into submission.
                                    Good men will force evil people into submission.

True Conservative Party