True Conservative Party

True Conservative Party of Canada 2021 Policy Guide
Part 1 (launch narrator)

Table of Contents

A1 General

A2 Primary Role of Government

A3 Accountability
1. Appointees
2. Public Service
3. Duplication/Waste
4. TCP Members of Parliament
5. Judges

A4 Political System
1. Constitution
2. Senate
3. House of Commons

A5 Education
1. Post-secondary
2. School choice

B1 Environment/Natural Resources
1. Nuclear Power

B2 Health

B3 Social Policy
1. Marriage
2. Religion
3. Family
4. Divorce

True Conservative Party 2021 Policy Guide
Part 2

B4 Diversity/Multiculturalism
1. Aboriginal Affairs

B5 Crime and Justice
1. Criminal law general
2. Sanctuary Cities
3. Courts
4. Rights and freedoms
5. Abortion killing
6. Sodomy
7. Statutory rape
8. Prostitution
9. Pornography
10. Drug peddling
11.  Transgender conditioning
​12. Corrections

C1 Communications
1. Media
2. Arts and Entertainment
3. Canada Post

C2 Economics
1. The Budget
2. Taxation
3. Programs
4. Trade/commerce

C3 Transportation

C4 Immigration/Refugees

C5 National Defence

D1 International Relations
1. General
2. Foreign Aid


​A1   General
1. Wherever this policy statement refers to human rights, freedoms, diversity, equality or tolerance, it shall be understood that we do not, without exception, blindly embrace, tolerate or defend uncivilized or criminal behavior.
The law is an infringement of rights and freedoms. To flatly proclaim that we defend, without reservation, human rights, freedom and differences, is to say that we defend and embrace a lawless society, which we do not, and which would be a very reckless and irresponsible policy. Although a rapist or a hired killer has a right to be protected against physical abuse, torture or cruelty, he is denied the equal rights and freedoms law-abiding citizens enjoy.
We must always specify 'legitimate' human rights. We must always distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable conduct.

2. The True Conservative Party of Canada is a true conservative party that embraces both social conservative and fiscal conservative values.
The two are in no way incompatible.
Our focus is the elimination of uncivilized, abusive, or criminal behavior, but we adopt, with few exceptions, the economic, trade, environment, resources, transportation, and national defence policies of so-called fiscal conservatives.

3. The True Conservative Party condemns both sodomy and the convenience killing of children by abortion.

Legalized sodomy trivializes all other sex crimes, spawning the widespread, global proliferation of sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children, and adolescents.
It was, and still is the litmus test that distinguishes true conservatives from liberal extremists.
Any political party that does not have a clear policy promising to reinstate laws against sodomy is proclaiming loud and clear that they have no principles, no moral values, no conscience, and cannot be trusted.

Sodomy and the killing of children by abortion were legalized by self-centered, disreputable, uncivilized men so they could have sex with anyone they want, even other men, any place, any time, with or without consent, with absolutely no strings attached.
It had nothing to do with protecting the rights or well-being of women.
Abortion was the perfect cover-up for sexual assault, incest, statutory rape, and adultery.
Anal intercourse with either a woman or another man was legalized at the same time as abortion.
The CRTC was established to silence any opposition, and the schools participated in this massive sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children with intense promotion of
homosexuality and abortion.
This was not out of respect or consideration for Women.
Sodomy and abortion are very serious crimes that previously carried a maximum penalty of life in prison.
They are no less a crime just because they are now legal.
Clearly, any political party that condones, defends or promotes sodomy and abortion is plainly condoning, defending and promoting widespread sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children, and teens.
The True Conservative party top priority is the eliminationn of such sexual exploitation and abuse.
No existing political ruling or opposition party, federal or provincial, has a policy to reinstate laws against anal intercourse, convenience killing of children by abortion, or the promotion of these crimes in the schools or elsewhere. Never have, never will. But some of them welcome and encourage true conservatives to run as candidates for their party. It gets them elected. It gives them power, and they use that power to defend andpromote sodomy and abortion. Always have, always will.

A2 Primary Role of Government
1. Crime control and prevention to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for those not involved an any such uncivilized behavior.
2. provide essential services that cannot be delivered as effectively or efficiently by private enterprise.
3. Ensure that the basic needs of food, shelter, waterand medical care are available to each and every canadian citizen.

A3 Accountability
1. Appointees:
People appointed to positions of power and influence, like judges, senators, Ethics Commissioner, Auditor General, Comptroller General, Information Commissioner, Privacy Commissioner and Governor General, must be above reproach, governed by a code of ethics subject to modification by the ruling party.
2. Public service:
Public servants are employees of, and accountable to the current administration. Their preference for a particular political party can be expressed at election time at the ballot box. Any other public expression of preference for one party over another shall indicate a willingness to serv only the people who support their preferred party, and shall be grounds for dismissal.
exposure of corruption or wrongdoing within the public service shall be encouraged and held in strict confidence.
Public sector pensions and benefits should as closely as possible reflect that of private sector employees.

3. Duplication/Waste:
The True Conservative Party will not continue to fund individuals or organizations openly hostile to our values and policies. We shall also eliminate waste of overlapping or duplicate services between different levels of government and within and between various federal government departments.

4. TCP Members of parliament:
(a) Free Votes:
Free votes in the House shall be permitted only in the case of a bill or motion that is not contrary to True Conservative Party Policy.
Free votes guarantee that no bills can pass third reading, even with a majority, without the support of opposition members, much the same as having a minority government or proportional representation. It removes any purpose for a political party to exist since only those bills that both sides support can ever pass. It is devious and unethical, permitting a candidate to masquerade as a true conservative to get elected while knowing full well that even with a majority, nothing will change.
If you intend to vote contrary to party policy priorities, do not run as a candidate representing this party.
(b) True Conservative Party Members of Parliament shall be obliged to vote on third reading of any bill or other matters open to voting by Members of parliament. This is our primary responsibility as elected representatives.
Any TCP MP who does not vote on 3rd reading of any bill will be required to resign as TCP member of parliament.

5. Judges:
The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a legal document that shifts legislative power from our democratically elected representatives to unelected, unaccountable judges (the courts).
These judges can interpret the Charter to put in place any law they wan to put in place, safe from any consequences.
They can use it to defend or outlaw any human behavior they personally support or condemn. They are appointed for life, so the laws they put in place cannot be changed for many years, unless they themselves choose to do so. It is an absolute judicial dictatorship.
No country can call itself a democracy when someone has that degree of absolute power absolutely free of any accountability.
The True Conservative party will examine ways of making judges more accountable for their actions.

6.  Defenders:
We shall restore respect and admiration for our soldiers and police officers by ​​requiring them to proclaim their condemnation of sexual misconduct and  abuse.  These defenders who protect us from those who would do us harm must know how grateful we are for that protection, but respect follows respectability.

A4 Political System

1. Constitution:
The True Conservative Party believes that every person should be permitted to say or do anything he or she wants to say or do unless it is prohibited by law enacted by the legitimately elected representatives of the people.
This is the ultimate degree of rights and freedoms that can exist in a free and democratic civilized society.
The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms obliterates all of our rights and freedoms except that which is granted, not by the people through their elected representatives or a referendum, but by an unelected, unaccountable judge, according to his or her own personal opinion.
We believe the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is unconstitutional since the Constitution of a free and democratic society does not govern human behavior, but only stipulates what level of government has jurisdiction. For example, our Constitution specifies that the federal government has absolute authority to legislate terms and conditions of marriage. It does not say that a man can marry his dog, or a man can not marry his dog. That is for the people to decide through their elected members of parliament.
The Charter itself states that rights and freedoms can be prohibited by law that can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. That is to say, If a majority government wishes to do so.
Well, you might say, so what is the problem?
Unelected, unaccountable senate members already have the power to block or reject laws passed in the House of Commons. The Charter is one more obstruction of justice that gives unelected, unaccountable judges the power to strike down laws passed by the senate or a provincial legislative body that the judge does not like.
Should our elected representatives choose to override the ruling of the judge, which they can do, the Charter stipulates that the law shall be automatically overturned in five years, and the court ruling shall prevail.
So, as you can see, we do not live in a free and democratic society. It is a radical, left wing judicial dictatorship.
This is not to say a Charter of rights and freedoms cannot exist if the people want it. It just cannot be entrenched in the constitution of a free and democratic society.
The True Conservative Party will consult the people of Canada to determine if they support a constitution that removes from the people the right to determine what should or should not be legal.

2. Senate:
The True Conservative Party will ask Canadians if the Senate should be abolished.
Elected members of parliament already represent every region of the country. The Senate seems to be just a cumbersome, unaccountable, very costly obstacle in the path of effective and timely legislation already authorized by the people of Canada.

3. House of Commons:
The current 2020 system of electing members of parliament not only gives voters an option of voting for an independent candidate, a candidate representing the party of their choice, or even launching a new political party, but also empowers their chosen party to be an effective agent of change if they have won a majority of seats (more than all the others put together) in the House Of Commons.
The True Conservative Party believes this is the best system of electing members of parliament accountable to the people that can be devised.

A5 Education
1. Post-Secondary
The True Conservative Party respects regional jurisdiction over education, but will be a vocal advocate of scool choice in public schools, colleges, and universities, and will encourage the maintenance of standards endorsed by parents and guardians.
Colleges and universities will be clearly identified by their principles to assist parents and guardians in their post-secondary school selection, while at the same time acknowledging the right of these schools to select or reject professors or lecturers according to their own code of conduct or philosophy.

A degree is no guarantee. We will caution sudents against accepting a loan that could cripple future opportunities for health and happiness.

2. School Choice:
The True Conservative Party will encourage and promote the establishment of both liberal and conservative publicly funded schools, and parents will have the option of enrolling their children in either one or the other of these divisions.
Theese schools will initially exist in equal numbers in each federal electoral district, and shall expand or contract according to demand.
No particular religion shall be promoted in these schools, although the conservative schools will start the day with the
singing of O Canada and an interfaith prayer.

O Canada
Our home and native land
True patriot love
In all of us command
With glowing hearts, O Canada
From sea to shining sea
We stand on guard, O Canada
Our true north strong and free
Long may we see
peace and harmony
God, let it be
Help us to be worthy
O Canada
Forever God bless thee

My Lord God, Heavenly Father
Thank you for giving us another day
Stand by me Lord, be with me this day
Let my conscience keep me from going astray
Give me the wisdom to know what is right
And the will and the courage to take up the fight
Against wickedness, cruelty, all evil deeds
For the door to salvation unlocks with this key
Deliver what my body needs to be strong
Let me know peace of mind, laughter, and song
But let not contentment, spawn apathy
For evil doth flourish, where there's no sentry
Keep me on track as I work, as I play
May I be blessed with good fortune this day
And as I continue my journey, I pray
That your hand will guide me, for Thine is the way
Thank you Lord. Amen.

B1 Environment/Natural Resources
1. Nuclear fission:
We do not support the operation of a power generating nuclear fission reactor. Permanent radioactive poisoning of our environment is an intolerable crime against every living thing, and the widespread devastation from a nuclear meltdown due to explosives or any other cause, as well as the waste storage hazards, makes this an insane power option.
Environmentalists who campaign against pollution while ignoring or even condoning the well documented health hazards of nuclear fission radioactive poisoning have absolutely no credibility.
Are atomic energy advocates behind the push to make their competitors look like the cause of global warming while the real culpret isdecades of nuclear radioactive poisoning?

The True Conservative Party will encourage and invest in the development of safe, clean, cost effective nuclear fusion technology.​

B2 Health
1. Half the tax money collected from us goes to pay for health care services. A huge chunk of this is required for the treatment of people with AIDS and other sodomy related diseases.
The True Conservative Party believes that in light of the death and disease and danger and cost of this practice, the government should reinstate laws against sodomy in keeping
with our policy that a primary duty of government is our security and protection.
Since sodomites intentionally engage in a practice that cripples and kills millions of people, they may be designated dangerous offenders. Until sodomy was legalized, the maximum penalty for this crime was life in prison.

2. No one with a crippling or deadly communicable disease will be eligible to work in food or health care services.

B3 Social Policy
1. Marriage:
Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman, sanctioned by parents and government to protect women against sexual exploitation and abuse by requiring a womans' mate to proclaim, before God and other witnesses, that he will be kind and loving, that to the best of his ability he will protect and provide for his wife, and that he will be sexually intimate with no one other than his wife, for so long as they both shall live.
We will not legitimize the marriage of a man and his dog,
a woman and her dog, two men, two women, a man and his sister, a man and his mother, a man and his daughter,
or a man and a child.

Official Marriage Covenant (prenuptial agreement)
this man, Shining Knight, of 116387 Kingdom Road, Vancouver, British Columbia, and
this woman, Lady Beautiful, of 247103 Wonderland Drive, Victoria, British Columbia,
on this 17th day of June, 2020.

I, Shining Knight, do hereby promise , before God and these witnesses, that, as the husband of Lady Beautiful, I will be kind and loving, that to the best of my ability, I will protect and provide for my wife and any children we might have, and that I will be sexually intimate with no one other than my wife, through the good times and the hard times, for so long as we both shall live.

And I, Lady Beautiful, do hereby promise, before God and these witnesses, that, as the wife of Shining Knight, I will be attentive and loving, that to the best of my ability, I will tend to the needs of my husband and any children we might have. I relinquish my right to refuse natural, normal, mutually satisfying heterosexual intercourse with my husband,
but I am neither a prostitute nor a homosexual, and nothing in this contract shall obligate me to participate in any sodomite sexual perversions, whether it is or is not legal.
I shall otherwise be an affectionate and faithful wife, who will stand by my caring and loving husband, through the good times or the hard times, for so long as we both shall live.

Attached is the required doctor's report on recent complete medical examination we have undergone, confirming that neither of us have any detectable crippling or deadly communicable disease that might be transmitted to our spouse or children.

Prospective Husband Signature
Prospective Wife Signature

Witness name and address
Witness name and address

To preserve the dignity and modesty of both parties,
this agreement is never read aloud.
The law firm chosen to register this agreement will present the happy couple with a marriage certificate to be signed by Them, a provincial marriage commissioner or their choice of ordained religious leader authorized to officially pronounce them husband and wife (Solemnization of marriage).

Only those who have signed this official marriage contract shall be considered legitimately married with access to all available publicly funded marital and family support services.

2. Religion:
Our Canadian Constitution identifies us as a nation of people who acknowledge the supremacy of God. This is where the similarity ends.
The True Conservative Party does not acknowledge the supremacy of any particular religion. We do not believe the State, considering the multitude of different religions, should embrace and elevate any particular religion to official status.
We do, however, encourage people offended by immorality, corruption and injustice to take up the fight and join us in this battle against the existing forces of evil.

3. Family:
With few exceptions, parents absolutely adore their children, and willgo to great lengths to protect and provide for them.
They, more than anyone else, want their children to be safe, healthy, happy and prosperous.
The government, in the interest of all Canadians, has a duty to defend this institution of marriage and family, where positive values shape and mould carefree children into caring, responsible, civilized citizens.

The True Conservative Party will make marriage and family very attractive.

4. Divorce:
When a man marries, he promises that to the best of his ability, he willprotect and provide for his wife and any children they might havve.
In the event of a separation (breach of contract) where there are natural or adopted children, the ex-husband is still, to the best of his ability, expected to provide for his children.
He, therefore, unless he is incapable or unwilling, is entitled to automatic temporary legal custody, and his ex-wife shall not be required to provide any support payments to her ex-husband.
If the ex-husband wishes to grant custody to his ex-wife, he may do so, but he is not required to make any support payments to his ex-wife.
Any support payments from either party are completely
Both parties have equal access to the children, who are free to stay with or visit either parent or guardian by mutual consent.
In the case of contested custody, the state shall, to determine what is in the best interest of the child, consider financial, mental, and physical ability, addictions, and temperament.
The child is still free to stay with or visit people they have come to know as close friends or family, and neither party is required to make any support payments to the other.

Only jointly owned property and joint bank accounts acquired since the marriage shall be considered in calculating contested division of property, and this shall be divided in direct proportion to the monetary investment of each party.
Neither party shall be legally obliged to make any alimony payment to the other. If either party is no longer providing what the other party bargained for, then the other party is no longer obligated to provide what the first party had bargained for. The contract is broken.

Either party, however, is free to make a charitable offer to the other, just to part on more amiable terms.

True Conservative Party 2021 Policy Guide
Part 2

B4 Diversity/Multiculturalism
1. Aboriginal Affairs:
There are those who claim we must ensure that aboriginal people in Canada are in charge of their own destiny, making their own decisions, and shaping their own future. In other words, self-determination or self-government.
This is a race-based notion that, due to Charter equality rights, would have to be extended to all other racial minorities.
Imagine the chaos and disorder of breaking up the country into hundreds of little countries, all having authority over their own criminal justice system. Do we really want to go there?
The Constitution 1982, S. 35, states that existing aboriginal rights, negotiated in a land claim agreement are acknowledged and affirmed.
Subsection 3 clarifies this by stating that both existing land
claims and future land claims agreements are valid.
Other rights and freedoms should be the same as for anyone else.
The Charter grants rights and freedoms limited by law that can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.
The true Conservative Party would test the validity of ethnic self government in this way.

The term 'reservation' paints an image of 'a place where we keep Indians', a place where non-aboriginal people are not welcome.
It appears to be a rather outdated and derogatory term that places roadblocks in the way of amiable negotiations.
The true Conservative party suggests that, in consultation with the provincial government and aboriginal representatives of reserves in that province, that we henceforth refer to reservations as Townships that would be within provincial jurisdiction, with self-government to the degree that any other municipality possesses.

B5 Crime and Justice
1. Crime general:
a. The True Conservative party will drop the term 'manslaughter', and refer to a charge of murder only in degrees.
First degree murder shall describe the most detestable and unforgivable of crimes,like the sadistic, cold, heartless illing of one or more people in captivity who have been subjected to prolonged mental terror and physical torture or abuse, with other murder classified as second degree, third degree, and etcetera.

b. Anyonesentenced to more than 16 years in prison shall have a voluntary euthanasia option.
The True Conservative Party does not otherwise support the death penalty.

2. Sanctuary cities:
Laws that prohibit aiding and abetting someone guilty of criminal behavior will be strictly enforced.

3. Courts:
Anyone seeking the honour of serving as a judge must be worthy of that honour. Primary role of a judge is to determine guilt or innocence, and pronounce appropriate sentence within the limits of the law.
The Charter of rights and Freedoms gives judges the power to strike down laws put in place by our elected representatives.
There is no law that cannot be ruled unconstitutional. Laws are an infringement of our rights and freedoms. Since judges are granted independence to act according to their own values, it is critically important that any appointment is someone who shares our values.
Liberals would never knowingly appoint anyone likely to block or strike down laws they put in place.
Likewise, true conservatives must avoid appointing anyone likely to scuttle laws we put in place.

4. Rights And Freedoms:

Freedom is the prize in the strongbox of either liberal extremists or true conservatives.
Freedom for all is a myth.
Either the savage beast is free​ or the people who have him chained to a tree.
>The True Conservative Party will restore the right of home owners to decide to whom they will or will not rent a room or a dwelling.
>We will restore the right of all employers to decide who they will hire or fire. Currently, only liberal employers have this freedom.
>Evaluation of anyone applying for employment, citizenship, appointment, or even volunteer work, may consider, even more than glowing capability, the applicants' degree of moral integrity. Can he/she be trusted.
We shall enshrine the right of people making such evaluations to reject or accept an applicant based on his or her ethical principles. Currently only liberals have this privilege.
>We believe people should be free to discriminate against those guilty of sexual harassment, stealing, vandalism, rape, brutality, filthy language, or any other offensive, uncivilized behavior, in the workplace or elsewhere.
In Canada, liberals are free to openly condemn any person or practice they don't like. True conservatives, however, if they express their aversion to offensive, unjust, or criminal behavior, can be charged and convicted for hatred and intolerance. Had enough yet?
> Freedom of expression:
Pedophiles are sexually attracted to children. Children are their sexual preference. pedophiles are protected by so-called human rights legislation that specifies you can not discriminate agaainst anyone because of his sexual orientation or sexual preference.
Some men, also protected by this law, are especially attracted to women/girls who do not consent. For them, rape is a sexual preference. The Criminal code, andd the liberal media condemn hate speech, so if you speak out against these crimes, you could wind up with acriminal record.
We will get rid of these legal protection for sexual offenders.

> Gun Control:
If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.
If you intend to rob someone, assault someone, trash his stuff, or mess with his wife or kids, you want to make sure they are not armed and dangerous. Harm reduction program.

Beware the government that wants to disarm decent, respectable, responsible citizens.​

​5. Abortion killing:
Men legalized the killing of children by abortion so they could have sex with anyone they want, any time, any place, with absolutely no strings attached.
The True Conservative Party will reinstate laws against the convenience killing of children By abortion, and outlaw the promotion of this horrendous crime in the schools or elsewhere, to further protect women against sexual exploitation.
The intense promotion of fornication in the schools to increase prregnancies and create a demand for abortions will end.

6. Sodomy:
We will increase protection for women against sexual exploitation and abuse by reinstating laws against sodomy (anal intercourse), which is an absolute imperative to ending rape and other abuse, and restoring respect, kindness, and courtesy.
Legalized sodomy generates a casual acceptance of sexual misconduct, resulting in widespread sexual abuse of women, children, and teens. We suspect that all women would welcome the return of laws that condemn and prohibit this degrading, humiliating, unhealthy, and abusive practice of anal intercourse.

7. Statutory Rape:
The True Conservative party will reinstate statutory rape laws to protect impressionable, trusting, naive young girls from sexual exploitation, shattered dreams, and broken lives.
The gruesome, multibillion dollar abortion and body parts industry that depends on young girls getting pregnant as often as possible will die.
These are the criminals most passionately promoting fornication in the schools, and the scum who got rid of statutory rape laws that stood in the way of getting young
girls pregnant.

8. Prostitution:
Prostitution is a life of hell. Anything we can do to discourage or prevent young women from falling into thissewer is not an infringement of rights and freedoms, but rather, a labor of love.
No sane woman would willingly submit to being repeatedly beaten, raped and otherwise abused as prostitutes are.
Let's be clear. Prostitution is aggravated sexual assault.
Sex trafficking is not something girls willingly submit to.
The True Conservative Party will end this abuse and
make Canada safe again for young women and children.

9. Pornography:
The fire of desire lives in every man,
Pornography will fan that flame until it's out of hand.
We will shut it down.

10. Drug peddling:
Drug peddlers in the schools have adopted the "safe drugs' approach to drug education to increase drug use among adolescents, and create a demand for more and more addictive drugs.
Students are taught that if they are going to use drugs, they should know how to use it safely. The peddlers then proceed to teach them everything there is to know about drugs. What it is called, where to get it, what to watch for, how to cook it, how to inject it, how long the fix will last, and etcetera.
This classroom drug education is the primary propaganda tool of the drug peddlers, and the root cause of the massive increase in drug addiction and associated crimes.
The True Conservative Party will enforce Criminal Code laws against corrupting the minds of childre to protect them against such exploitation and mangled lives.

11.   Transgender conditioning:​
Anyone guilty of performing a sex change operation or promoting this ghoulish practice will spend many years in prison.​

​​12. Corrections:
a. The True Conservative Party will abolish parole. If the people of Canada, through their elected members of parliament, have decided that an appropriate sentence for a particular crime is six years in prison, letting someone convicted of that crime out in two years is an intolerable injustice.

b. We shall introduce variablesentencing to acknowledge the difference between a crime committed by a young offender, and the sane crime committed by a mature adult.

c. The True Conservative Party will end any manipulation of juries by converting to a random jury selection process with a reminder to jury members that whatever the defendant has been charged with pales in comparison to a jury member who defends the conviction of an innocent man or the acquittal of a guilty one.

d. The treatment of suspects or other prisoners will be closely monitored to ensure no abuse or cruelty occurs, and it shall be unlawful to shacle the hands of anyone behind his back.

C1 Communications
1. Audio/Visual/Print Media
2. Arts and Entertainment
3. Canada Post:
Opening and inspecting, blocking or trashing personal, private, sealed and properly stamped and addressed letters shall be a serious criminal offense.

C2 Economics
1. The Budget:
The True conservative Party considers paying down the national debt a top budget priority.
A significant portion of budget surrplus shall be allocated to debt repayment.

2. Taxation:
We shall maintain a maximum 5% GST with an examination
of how the goods and services tax might be eliminated altogether, encouraging more spending of both Canadians and visitors to our country.

Simplify personal income tax by accepting an equal percentage of income from everyone.

Eliminate discriminatory and cumbersome tax exemptions, including the tax exemption on contributions to political parties.

We shall define 'business' as any enterprise that generates more than an average of $2000.00 per month. Anything less than this shall be considered just additional personal income taxed at the personal income rate.

The TCP will reduce capital gains tax. This will facilitate savings and investment which means more capital for business, more jobs for canadian workers, and better returns on canadian investment.

3. Programs:
No rehabilitation programs will be available in Canadian prisons at taxpayer expense. Incarceration is the rehab program. We will obliterate any perception that convicted felons enjoy more amenities than many of our freedom-loving, law-abiding Canadian citizens.

No government funding will be available for any programs or
services deemed unethical or offensive by true conservative standards. For example, instead of funding the drug peddlers handing out free drugs and needles at injection sites, they will be charged for drug peddling and exploitation and abuse of people addicted to drugs.

Anyone guilty of placing a child or adolescent in the custody of a pedophile will spend many years in prison. An adoption agency, laboratory, or foster care program guilty of this shall be quickly shut down.

4. Trade/Commerce:
> The current North American Free Trade Agreement includes a condition that permits liberal employers to reject conservative job applicants but denies conservative employers the right to decide who they will hire or fire.
The True Conservative party will demand the removal of this discriminatory condition.

> Union bargaining shall not include demands for pay increase other than to ensure reasonable minimum wage.
> Employers shall decide what they will pay employees.
No pay equity legislation.

​C3 Transportation
1. The True Conservative Party will encourage and assist tracked or other snow bus service to transport goods and passengers to and from remote communities.
2.  It shall be unlawful to seat more than two passengers side-by-side on any Canadian passenger plane, and there shall be a minimum 24 inch space between the front edge of the seat and the back of the seat in front of the passenger.

C4 Immigration/Refugees
The True Conservative Party supports measures that ensure, to the degree that such values can be determined, that those who wish to become canadian citizens are highly unlikely to condone, defend, or engage in criminal behavior. Someone running from the law will not likely be welcome in Canada,
unless he has satisfied admission officers that he would henceforth never engage in such uncivilized behavior.
People unlawfully entering Canada will be apprehended and transported to the nearest customs office for screening and admission or deportation.
The bulk of applicants will be quickly processed with a minimum of red tape to the limit of that endorsed by the majority of Canadians.
This streamlining will significantly reduce the cost of the whole admission and settlement process.

C5 National Defence

D1 International Relations
1. General:
The True Conservative Party supports a foreign policy that
guards against any threat to Canadian sovereignty and independence, our political, economic and strategic interests, and our security.

2. Foreign Aid:
We believe the government should recognize the importance of an ethical dimension in foreign policy, and shall strut true conservative values as an example to the world.
Financial assistance or services shall be influenced by our perception of the prospective recipients' care and consideration of the people. Recipients must appear to be intolerant of corruption or criminal behavior by either the people or the state, including any physical or mental abuse of prison or mental institution inmates.

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) shall be authorized to monitor and report on expenditures and implementation of all official development assistance to ensure the objectives of enhancing health, safety and opportunity are achieved. It shall also be a watchdog reporting on sexual misconduct of any aid workers.

CIDA shall publish an annual report detailing expenses and services to maintain accountability, transparency and trust.

The agency shall also alert Canadian Industry of intended projects that they may wish to bid on.


True Conservative Party January 2021 Constitution


Liberal strategy is to flood any social conservative party with liberals whose mission is to get rid of any policies they don't like.
For this reason, it is imperative that any true social conservative party has an immutable condition of membership that liberal extremists would find distasteful.
Liberal parties deny membership to anyone who condemns sodomy or the killing of children by abortion.
We deny membership to anyone who defends or promotes these or other sex related crimes, (sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children, and teens).

Secondly, there must be a Party Chief Arbiter (a very trusted party member), authorized to rescind the membership of any member demonstrating his or her support for legalized sodomy or the convenience killing of children by abortion. Members are encouraged to report any member who is not a true conservative.

And third, since every member is a true conservative, vacant positions of committee Chair or regional reps can be filled quickly at a membership committee meeting by a random selection from among those members who apply for the position.

Any position filled by random selection must be witnessed by at least 12 members.
Any tie-breaker vote shall be decided by a random selection of either the white or the black ping-pong ball.

Section A General

The name of this organization is The True Conservative Party of Canada.
The true Conservative Party recognizes that in every society citizens fall into one of two broad categories of lliberal extremists or true conservatives (people who defend reform and change only if it is a morally acceptable change for the better).
We are Reformers dedicated to the reduction of crime, disease, poverty, pollution and other conditions that contribute to human suffering.

Policy development or adoption shall be considered in light of what is best for our children, grandchildren, and their future.

Section B Definitions

(1) 'True conservative' means anyone who believes sex related crimes, or the promotion of sex related crimes like rape, incest, sodomy, bestiality, necrophilia, etcetera, should be prohibited by law that is strictly enforced.
(2) 'Progressive' means advocating change or reform, which describes all political parties. We are very progressive with a powerful hunger for an end to crime, corruption, and injustice.
For us, progressive is synonymous with defending true conservative values. For liberals, it is synonymous with imposing offensive liberal values.
(3) TCP means True Conservative Party.
(4) PCA means Party Chief Arbiter.
(5) 'Separation of Church and State' means the State, although we are a nation that acknowleges the supremacy of God, does not legitimize the supremacy of any particular religion. It does not mean that a person who believes in God can be denied the right to participate in lawmaking and enforcement. Indeed, these are the people who should be in charge of that.

Section C Divisions

Party Chief Arbiter
National Membership Committee
Policy Resolutions Committee
Constitution Development Committee
National Council
National Convention Committee
Fundraising/Financial Agent
Leadership election process
Voting, referenda, petitions
Electoral District Associations
Provincial Parties
Constitution Interpretation and enforcement
Liability and indemnity
Dispute Resolution
Youth Groups
Election readiness

Section D Party Chief Arbiter

(1) This Constitution provides for the Office of Party Chief Arbiter
(PCA). This position cannot be left vacant.
(2) Current Party Chief Arbiter, January, 2020, is              of
(3) Party Chief Arbiter shall, considering recommendations from mmembers, be appointed by previous Party Chief Arbiter.
(4) The position of Party Chief Arbiter is not a paid position.
(5) Party Chief Arbiter shall serve until he/she appoints a successor, or is replaced by a 75% majority vote of members.
(6) Party Chief arbiter can rescind the membership of a dissident member.
(7) In the event of the death or permanent incapacity of Party Chief Arbiter who has not named a successor, the general membership shall elect a PCA to fill this position.
Primary qualification for PCA is a determination to maintain laws that reflect the valuees of true conservatives.
In particular, our condemnation of sodomy and other sex related crimes.
(8) Resolutions or changes to party Constitution or policy requires the support of 75 percent of those members who vote and/or the approval of Party Chief Arbiter.
No delegate or proxy voting is permitted.
(9) So long as policy proposals are not at odds with policy priorities, members can anticipate PCA approval. The party is member driven with no interference from PCA other than to block attempts to undermine true conservative principles.
(10) PartyChief Arbiter shall at all times have the power to veto any motion, resolution or policy that condones, defends or promotes a criminal practice or is inconsistant with Party policy priorities.
This prevents strategic attempts to move the Party in a liberal direction, and avoids the time and expense of a complicated, formal process when quick action is required.
PCA may also instruct Policy Development Committee to add a policy or clarify something deemed imperative and urgent by National Council.

Section E Membership

Membership is free and open to any true conservative who
>has paid any required membership fee
>is not a member of any liberal political party, and
>supports our January, 2020 policy priorities and the constitution authority of Party Chief Arbiter to approve proposals.

January 2020 policy priorities

>Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman, sanctioned by parents and government, to protect women against sexual exploitation and abuse, by requiring a woman's mate to proclaim, before God and other witnesses, that he will be kind and loving, that to the best of his ability, he will protect and provide for his wife, and that he will be sexually intimate with no one other than his wife, for so long as they both shall live.

We will not legitimize the marriage of a man and his dog, a woman and her dog, two men, two women, a man and his sister, a man and his mother, a man and his daughter, or a man and a child.

>Hold judges accountable for their actions. Anyone seeking the honour of serving as a judge must be worthy of that honour.

>Outlaw the operation of a power generating nuclear fission reactor. Permanent radioactive poisoning of our environment is an intolerable crime against every living thing.

>Have a simplified tax system. A reasonable percentage of income that applies equally to everyone. Reduce or eliminate federal sales tax.

>Encourage the reduction of property taxes and the cost of home and motor vehicle insurance.

>Reinstate laws against rape, sodomy, and the convenience killing of children by abortion.

>Facilitate the establishment of alternative public schools for the children of those parents outraged by the intense promotion of fornication, sexual perversions, and abortion in existing schools.

>Provide a domestic income supplement to any married man whose wife has no personal income from other sources.
This recognizes the incomparable value of domestic duties,
and compensates the family for lost income should Mom choose to work at home. It facilitates a safe, nurturing environment for children, discourages infidelity and separation, alleviates stress and anguish of trying to balance office and family responsibilities, reduces the enormous cost of creating jobs that are not required,
and reduces youth crime and uncivilized behavior.

National Membership Committee Chair is a paid position.
Committee Chair is randomly selected by PCA, with at least twelve witnesses, from among interested members who submit an application.
Applicant must be prepared to relocate to a specified electoral district.

National Membership Chair shall appoint committee members as
required fromTCP members in their electoral district or nearby to accomplish assignments within the committee mandate.
Policy Resolutions chair,Constitution Development Chair, and as many National Council members as required are randomly selected By National Membership Committee from among members who submit an application.

National TCP Membership committee shall maintain a record of all current members, receive proposed amendments from Resolutions Committee and Constitution Development Committee, send out ballots or proposals to be voted on, receive and record results of voting on proposals, leadership, or other matters decided by a membership vote, and report these results to National Council, Policy Resolutions Committee, and Constitution Development Committee.
National Membership Committee shall report triannual expenses to National Council for remuneration which will include a gratuity deemed reasonable by National Council.
Membership Committee Chair shall hold office until he/she resigns or is dismissed by Party Chief Arbiter.

To become a Party member, send the following message to TCP National Membership Committee at

I, (name,address, electoral district), am a true conservative.
I support True Conservative Party of Canada January 2020 policy priorities and the constitution authority of Party Chief Arbiter to approve proposals. This is my application for membership.

National Membership Committee shall send welcome message, on file, to each new member, and an invitation to all members of an electoral district, on file, that has at least 12 members, to establish an Electoral District Association.

Section F Policy Resolutions Committee

National Policy Resolutions Committee Chair shall be randomly selected by National Membership Committee from among interested members who submit an application.
Membership Committee shall invite applications from interested members, make the selection, notify the new Policy Resolutions Committee Chair, National Council, and the Constitution Development Committee.
Resolutions Committee Chair shall select committee members as required from among TCP members in his or her EDA to receive, categorize, or otherwise organize policy resolutions received from members, and subnit to National Membership Committee for voting by general membership two months prior to next national convention where voting results will be announced by National Membership Chair or Resolutions Committee Chair.
National Resolutions committee shall submit triannual expense report to National Council for remuneration and gratuity deemed reasonable by National Council.
Resolutions Committee Chair shall hold office until he/she resigns or is dismissed by Party Chief Arbiter.

Section G Constitution Development

TCP Constitution Development Committee Chair shall be randomly selected by National Membership Committee from among interested members who submit an application.
Constitution Development Chair shall put together a committee from members of his/her riding to receive suggestions for amendments to party constitution, send copy of member's suggested changes to National Council, condense identicle or very similar amendment suggestions submit proposed amendments to National membership Committee for voting by members, draft updated Constitution with results of voting, and forward a copy to National Council, Membership Committee, and Policy resolutions Committee.
CDC is authorized to remove any obviously redundant statements (ex: Plans or proposals already completed), and report changes to PCA.
Constitution Development Committee shall submit triannual expense report to National Council who will arrange reimbursement and a gratuity deemed reasonable by National Council.
Constitution Development Chair shall serve until he/she resigns or is dismissed by Party Chief Arbiter.

Section H National Council

Governance, management, and control of thee activities of the Party are vested in the TCP National Council.
National Council shall consist of the party leader, PCA, committee Chair of every primary national committee, and the number of other council members existing council members feel is required to function smoothly, randomly selected by national membership committee from among those who apply for the position.

National Council members shall elect from among these random reps one member to serve as Council (Party) President, and randomly select from interested reps, a secretary, vice president, and treasurer.
Council members shall serve
until he or she chooses to resign, or is dismissed by Party Chief Arbiter.

Section I National convention Committeee

National conventions may be held once or twice a year at the discretion of National Council.
No voting shall take place at a national convention other than that of Council voting on matters of National Council operations.
This event shall be a fund raising celebration of accomplishments, inspirational messages, ideas and opinions, announcements, fellowship, entertainment and feasting.

National Convention Committee shall be established and assisted by National Council bringing together the talents and enthusiasm of members who love doing this kind of planning.

Section J Fundraising/finance Committee

This shall be National Council established and assisted committee.

Section K Leadership Election Committee

Organized by National Council with additional rules subject to general membership approval, and vote counting in the hands of 12 or more Membership Committee members witnessed by candidates or their scrutineers.

There shall be a maximum two rounds of voting for party leader.
Members shall submit only the name of their choice for leader.
A candidate receiving a majority of at least 66 percent on the first round of voting shall be declared the New party leader.
If there is no clear winner, a second round shall be announced, with voters submitting their choice of one of the two top contenders. Chosen leader is the candidate with a greater than fifty (50) percent majority. Membership committee shall report the results to electoral districts that will inform members.

Section L Voting, Referenda, Petitions

(1) An item that has been voted on shall not, except for minor clarification, be revisited for at least two years.
(2) Rules shall be the responsibility of National Council requiring PCA approval.

Section M Electoral District Associations

1. General:
The constituency executive shall be responsible for the day to day operation of the constituency association.
subject to the constitution, and, ultimately, to the members.

The aim of any committee must be consistant with generally accepted principles and policies of the party.

The primary goals of the electoral district association are to facilitate the election of a TCP certified candidate and fundraising.

A motion shall require a 75% vote of support to be carried.

A quorum shall be a minimum 20% of district members with no fewer than 12 members should membership not exceed 60.
Electoral district membership shall not exceed 150 members.

All meetings are general meetings in that any menver of the association attending the meeting are entitled to bote.

Constitution amendments must be authorized by Party Chief Arbiter.

No proxy voting is permitted.

All income raised by National Council plus 50% of that raised by a constituency association shall be combined to fund the operation of the party as a whole.

Where there is no True Conservative party candidate to vote for,
we encourage voters to vote for a TCP certified independent candidate.
Voting for any party that supports the promotion of sexual perversions, promiscuity, and abortion in the schools makes you an accomplice. Don't let them do that to you.
It's like opening the cage of a savage beast. You won't like what happens next.

The True Conservative Party shall not operate on borrowed money at any time for any reason.

2. Candidate selection:

A nominee shall require a 51% majority vote to be elected TCP candidate.

The following pledge shall be signed by anyone intending to
run as a candidate representing the True Conservative Party
of Canada.

I, (name, address, electoral district), do hereby pledge that as a True Conservative Party Member of parliament, I shall work and vote to reinstate statutory rape laws, laws against sodomy, abortion, and
other laws that will protect women, children and adolescents against sexual exploitation and abuse.



Witness name & address:

Additional nomination Rules are the responsibility of National Council requiring PCA approval.

Section N Communications

Information Technology Advisory
Liaison network
Access to members -polling, inquiries, alerts

National Council responsibility.

Section O Provincial parties

Regional true conservative parties are encouraged.

Section P Constitution interpretation and enforcement

Party Chief Arbiter

Section Q Liability and indemnity

National Council

Section R Dispute resolution

Party Chief Arbiter or designate

Section S Youth Groups

Electoral District Associations

Section T Election Readiness

National Council

They proudly and publicly support the killing of children by abortion ​that covers up for sexual assault, incest, statutory rape and adultery.​
They proudly and publicly support sodomy and the promotion of sodomite sexual perversions in the schools and elsewhere that contributes
​to even greater sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children and teens.​
And now they have demonstrated their support for ghoulish sex change operations on children without consent of parent or guardian.
This is about as evil as it gets.