Policy Priorities
True Conservative Party

>Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman, sanctioned by parents and government to protect women against sexual exploitation, abuse and disease by requiring her ​mate to proclaim, before God and other witnesses, that he will be kind and loving,
​that to the best of his ability he will protect and provide for his wife, and that he will be sexually intimate with no one other than his wife, for so long as they both shall live.

We will not legitimize the marriage of a man and his dog, a woman and her dog, two men, two women, a man and his sister, a man and his mother, a man and his daughter, or a man and a child.​​  

​>Have judges held accountable for their actions. Anyone seeking the honour of serving as a judge must be worthy of that honour.

>Outlaw the operation of a power generating nuclear fission reactor. Permanent radioactive poisoning of our environment ​is an intolerable crime against every living thing.

>Have a simplified tax system. A reasonable percentage of income that applies equally to everyone. Reduce federal and regional sales tax.

>Reduce property taxes, and significantly reduce the cost of home and motor vehicle insurance.

>Reinstate laws against rape, sodomy, and convenience killing of children by abortion.

>Provide alternative public schools​ for the children of those parents outraged by the intense promotion of sex, drugs, and abortion in existing public schools.

>​Provide a domestic income supplement to any married man whose wife has no personal income from other sources. This recognizes the incomparable value of domestic duties, and compensates the family for lost income should Mom choose to work at home. It facilitates a safe, nurturing environment for children, discourages infidelity and separation, alleviates stress and anguish of trying to balance office and family responsibilities, reduces the enormous cost of creating jobs that are not required, and reduces youth crime and uncivilized behavior.


​​Elected Judges?

​​​​​There is growing opposition to judges being appointed with no public scrutiny of their values.
We have witnessed many outrageous court rulings over the past few decades.
These values quickly become apparent once a judge is appointed, but then it is too late.

The Charter gives judges the power to strike down laws put in place by our elected representatives. This makes voting an interesting but useless exercise unless a priority of some political party is to have at least Supreme Court and Appeal Court judges elected by the people.
It is quite acceptable to have judges appointed by our elected representatives if they do not have the power to strike down our laws or force us into submission with laws they arbitrarily put in place. They now have this power however, and have used that power often to put laws in place contrary to the will of the people or their elected representatives, and must therefore be elected.
No nation can call itself a democracy when someone has that degree of absolute power absolutely free of any accountability.

Let us suppose that our elected representatives (our legitimate lawmakers) passed a law that was supported by 80% of the people. If any one of the hundreds of appointed judges did not like it, she could strike down that law. There is no law that cannot be ruled unconstitutional.

Liberal extremists now talk about forcing us to vote even though none of the existing parties have a policy to have elected judges or to strip them of their legislative power.
We have the right to vote. We may soon have a legal obligation to vote. And our vote counts for nothing when judges are appointed.
Don't expect any existing ruling or opposition party to promise elected judges. They will not. And if they did, would you believe them?
Fewer and fewer people turn out to vote as more and more people realize the futility of it.
Democracy is government by the people, not some unelected, unaccountable, totalitarian judge. Let's make our vote really count. Let's make sure our lawmakers are elected.
Join us to make it happen. Many members can make amazing things happen   almost overnight.


​Sodomy and Abortion

​Sodomy and the killing of children by abortion were legalized by self-centered, disreputable, uncivilized men so they ​could have sex with anyone they want, even other men, any place, any time, with absolutely no strings attached.​
It had nothing to do with protecting the rights or well-being of women.
Abortion was the perfect cover-up for sexual assault, statutory rape, incest, and adultery.
Anal intercourse with either a woman or another man was legalized at the same time as abortion.
​The CRTC was established to silence any opposition, and the schools contributed to this massive sexual exploitation and abuse of women and children with intense promotion of homosexuality and abortion.
This was not out of respect and consideration for women or young girls.
​Both sodomy and the killing of children by abortion are very serious crimes that previously carried a maximum penalty of life in prison.​​  They are no less a crime just because they are now legal.
In a society where the men in that society condone, defend, or promote these crimes, rape and other sex crimes become very prevalent.  It's just sex.  It's not a big deal.
Anyone who defends sodomy or abortion is openly defending and promoting widespread sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children, and adolescents.
Currently, no ruling or opposition party, federal or provincial, has a policy to eliminate sexual exploitation or abuse of women, children, or adolescents.

​Until a national political party emerges with a solid commitment to outlaw these crimes, we will continue to sink deeper and deeper into this quagmire of barbarism and human suffering.

The True Conservative Party is an association of men and women dedicated to the elimination of sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children, and teens.​    Join us.​