Formula 40 sentencing
Whereas society accepts that young people should not be excused for criminal behavior, and that they should not be held responsible for their actions to the same degree as mature adults, be it therefore resolved that the sentence for any criminal act shall
(a) be stated in months,
(b) be age variable as per sentencing table, and
(c) be a percentage of the standard which is the maximum sentence for a 40 year old person.

Policy Proposals
To illustrate, suppose the maximum sentence for sodomy was 144 months in prison with judicial discretion of 10% (37 to 40 years of age standard).
If the offender was 18 years of age, the maximum would be 100 months (70% of the standard). The minimum would be 60% (86 months).
A 34 year old would get a maximum 135 months (94% of the standard) to a minimum of 120 months (84%).

Age variable sentencing establishes a definite minimum and maximum sentence for every crime and every age. The sentencing range limits judicial discretion preventing a judge from sentencing someone to one day or one month in prison for a crime that carries a six year maximum penalty.
The judge must work within the sentencing range set out in the sentencing table. The maximum for each age is a percentage of the Criminal Code Standard (the maximum for someone 37 to 40 years of age).

There will naturally be seperate facilities for male and female youth and
adult custody.
                                                   SENTENCING TABLE                                

                             Age                      Maximum                Minimum            
                       0 - 12 years            12% of standard        0%
                       13 - 16                    64% of standard        54%
                       17 - 20                    70%                            60%
                       21 - 24                    76%                            66%
                       25 - 28                    82%                            72%
                       29 - 32                    88%                            78%
                       33 - 36                    94%                            84%

​                      ​ 37 - 40                  100% (standard)         90%

                       41 - 46                    96%                            86%
                      ​ 47 - 52                    92%                            82%
                       53 - 58                   ​88%                             78%
                       59 - 64                    84%                            74%
                       65 - 70                    80%                            70%
                       71 - 76                    76%                            66%
                       77 - 82                    72%                            62%
                       83 >>>                   ​​68%                           58%
True Conservative Party

Accountability (elected representatives)

Whereas some elected representatives do not vote on some bills presented in parliament, and, Whereas the very least we expect from our elected representatives is that they vote on our behalf on bills presented in parliament,
Be it therefore resolved that any elected representative who does not vote on our behalf at third reading of any bill shall be compelled to resign his position.

We elect people to public office to vote on our behalf concerning the issues of the day. If an issue is controversial (which identifies it as an issue of great importance) an MP or MLA may intentionally not vote knowing that voting yes or no will alienate a large number of his constituents.
At other times, a large majority of his constituents may support a bill that he does not, so he does not vote which
(a) increases the probability of the bill being defeated, and
(b) enables him to claim he did not vote and therefore cannot be accused of opposing the bill (which he did).

Elected representatives are highly paid to vote on our behalf. Failing to vote on third reading of a bill is crooked and deceitful. It is unforgivable. To neglect or ignore such a responsibility is to leave us without representation at a time when it is most important.

​Jury Selection

​​Members of a jury are very carefully selected to increase the probability of a desired verdict.

For example, back when the killing of children by abortion was prohibited by law, a very notorious hired killer was brought to trial charged with this crime. Everyone knew he was guilty. He even boasted that he had indeed committed the offense. A trial is required however to prove guilt or innocence. A confession could be made under duress or to cover for somebody else.

Prospective jury members were asked if they were opposed to abortion. If they were, they were dismissed. The result was a stacked jury consisting of only people who supported the killing of children by abortion.
The verdict was predictable. The abortionist was acquitted within a few minutes of deliberation.
Prospective jury members are always questioned to determine how they feel about the victim, the defendant, and the crime in question. This enables the judge and lawyers to screen out anyone likely to argue for a 'wrong' verdict.

Be it therefore resolved that this manipulative jury selection process shall be prohibited.



​O CANADA​​​​​

​O Canada
Our home and native land
True patriot love
​In all of us command
With glowing hearts, O Canada
From sea to shining sea
We stand on guard, O Canada
Our true north strong and free
Long may we see
Peace and harmony
God let it be
​Help us to be worthy
O Canada
​Forever God bless thee



​​Official Marriage Covenant   (Prenuptial Agreement)

​                              Between

​This man, (prospective husband, street address), and
This woman, (prospective wife, street address),
On ( day, month, year).

I, (prospective husband), do hereby promise, before God and these witnesses, that, as the husband of (prospective wife), ​I will be kind and loving, that to the best of my ability, I will protect and provide for my wife and any children we might have, and that I will be sexually intimate with no one other than my wife, through the good times and the hard times, for so long as we both shall live.
And I, (prospective wife), do hereby promise, before God and these witnesses, that, as the wife of (prospective husband), I will be attentive and loving, and that, to the best of my ability, I will tend to the needs of my husband and any children we might have. I relinquish my right to refuse natural, normal, mutually satisfying heterosexual intercourse with my husband, but I am neither a prostitute nor a homosexual, and nothing in this agreement shall obligate me to participate in any sodomite sexual perversions, whether it is or is not legal.
I shall otherwise be a loving and faithful wife who will stand by my comforting and loving husband through the good times and the hard times, for so long as we both shall live.

Attached is required doctor's​ report on recent complete medical examinations we have undergone confirming we have no detectable crippling or deadly communicable diseases.

​​Signature of prospective husband

​Signature of prospective wife

Witness name and address

Witness name and address

​To preserve the dignity and modesty of both parties, this agreement is never read aloud.
The law firm you choose to register this marriage covenant will present you with an official marriage certificate to be signed by them or another official authorized to pronounce you husband and wife (Solemnization of Marriage).​​​​​​​​​​