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 The human carnage of a notorious hired killer (abortionist George Tiller) was ended on May 31, 2009, when he was shot and killed by Scott Roeder. Roeder, 52, was sentenced on April 1, 2010, by Kansas Sedgwick County District Judge Warren Wilbert to life in prison with no chance of parole for 50 years. Justice advocates around the world will not forget the vile hatred and malevolence of this sadistic judge nor the noble and gallant self-sacrifice of Scott Roeder, the U.S.A. hero who gave his life to stop the killing.

Bulletin Board

In 2015, the  United States Supreme Court unlawfully legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.
On September 3rd, 2015, Kim Davis, a Rowan county court clerk in Kentucky, exercising her constitutional legal right to freedom of conscience, refused to issue a marriage licence to same-sex couples.
U.S. District Court Judge, David L. Bunning ordered Davis to issue the marriage licences.  When she refused, she was charged with contempt of court, hand-cuffed, and jailed.
Evil men will force good people into submission.
This is the way of liberal extremists.  They are not content to simply be free to engage in barbaric, uncivilized behaviour.  They are sadistic, and delight in forcing conservatives to not only tolerate but facilitate their crude, offensive barbarism.  Sodomites take no pleasure in marriage.  The high ecstasy is in forcing conservatives to marry them, and once married, forcing conservatives to grant them custody of children.  They next launch class action lawsuits to compensate for past discrimination and oppression, which the kangaroo courts cheerfully endorse.  The intention is not to have the right to marry, but to make a mockery of marriage, destroy marriage and family, and leave women and children unprotected from sexual predators and other criminals. 
So hats off to Kim Davis and other true conservatives who stand tall against this evil despite the cost.
We will not forget you.  God bless, and thank you for your courage and your gift to us.​​


The blood-dimmed tide is loose,
​and everywhere ​the ​ceremony of innocence​​​ is drowned;
​The best lack all ​conviction,
​while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.

Wm. Butler Yeats


Job applicants and employers beware.
New, very biased, interviewing computer software that identifies and recommends only liberal applicants and screens out those with conservative values is now perfected and on the market.
We believe employers may be able to tweek the software to deliver a shortlist of only conservative applicants, but the default setting is applicants with liberal values.
Closely inspect recruiter software questionaire to determine if any question would color an applicant liberal or conservative.​​

Do not be an involuntary organ donor

Do you intend to be an organ donor if you die?
You are now assumed to be an organ donor whether you consent or not.
If you are rushed to emergency requiring immediate life-saving medical attention, you will just be allowed to die if someone more ​important needs your body parts, unless ​a very trusted friend has a signed statement from you saying you do not agree to be an organ donor in the event of your death.
At one time it was safe to identify as a potential organ donor, but we now have ​legalized doctor assisted death, so thousands of hospital patients can now be killed or allowed to die just to get their body parts, consent or not.
Make sure that a very trusted friend can prove that you do or do not consent to donate body parts.
It must be assumed, unless it can be proven otherwise by the patient's confidant, that the patient is not a willing donor.
Doctors and nurses should not know, until they have done everything they can to get the patient back on his feet, whether ​he would have been a donor in the event of his death.
Someone pronounced brain dead should be automatically considered not a donor.
​The safe​ route is to never consent to be an organ donor so long as doctors are permitted to kill people.
​​ ​​


Sexual Abuse

In Canada, in 1969, the Liberal Party under Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, legalized sodomy and the convenience killing of children by abortion. Previously, these crimes were prohibited by law with a maximum penalty of life in prison.​​​​​
Legalizing these crimes opened the door to massive sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children, and teens.

Self-centered, disreputable, uncivilized men legalized these crimes so they could have sex with anyone they want, even other men, any place, any time, with or without consent, with absolutely no strings attached.
It had nothing to do with protecting or respecting the rights or well-being of women or girls.
Abortion was the perfect cover-up for sexual assault, incest, statutory rape, and adultery.​​​​​
In the sixties, it was unlawful to have sex with a girl less than twenty years of age unless she was your wife., consent or not.
This was a statutory rape law.​ It was not legal to have sex with a teen-age girl even if she consented. It was a good law, put in place by caring, responsible adults to protect impressionable, trusting, naïve, easily seduced, young girls from fornication, unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, shattered dreams, despair, and broken lives.

When the government of Canada legalized abortion, the hired killers that perform abortions were ecstatic. They could now openly advertise their​gruesome service.  This,​however, did not greatly increase the number of women seeking abortion.
They had to create a demand for abortion services.
​Young girls, of course, ​protected by statutory rape laws, were not getting pregnant.
Abortion advocates got rid of statutory rape laws in short order, and hit the schools like a hail storm with intense promotion of fornication and abortion. Their intention was to get every teen-age girl pregnant as often as possible before she graduated.  They assured the girls that their parents need not be told if they were using contraceptives or if they chose to have an abortion.
Read  Blood Money: Getting rich on a woman's right to choose.
​​This is sexual exploitation and abuse.
Adding to this plight of young women was the legalization of anal intercourse at the same time.  Sodomites gravitated to the schools and began their campaign to normalize sodomite sexual perversions, and condition and recruit young men and boys.
Before long, girls were finding that boyfriends were expecting them to perform like sodomites or prostitutes. If they refuse, they are often beaten into submission, their dreams of love, romance, marital bliss, and unending happiness crushed.
Some turn to other women. Some turn to drugs. Some turn to ghoulish sex change operators, and some commit suicide.​
​This is cruel exploitation and abuse all spawned by corrupting the minds of young men and boys in the schools and elsewhere.

Every woman in the country should condemn abortion and the degrading, humiliating, disease spreading, abusive practice of anal intercourse with all her heart and mind and soul, and totally avoid any association with any political party that condones or defends these crimes.
​Be sure the party you vote for isn't one of them.
They are not your friends.

True Conservative Party​​ top priority is the elimination of sexual exploitation and abuse of women, children, and teens.  Join us.